100% recycled

We are proud of being a sustainable company

since our products are made with 100% recycled raw materials, committing ourselves at all times to the care of the environment.

Having a balance for our environment, we use recycled industrial waters, and at the end of our production processes, these waters are treated before being discharged into a receiving body. In addition, we have self-generated electricity from our cogeneration plant. In this way, we avoid the falling of trees and the excessive consumption of water and electricity, thus reducing the generation of carbon dioxide emissions, one of the main greenhouse gases in the world.

That is why we consider ourselves to be one of the few companies in the industry that uses clean natural gas in its processes and that have efficient cogeneration turbines for the paper industry, by generating clean emissions to the environment.

In addition to all this, we have ISO 9001, FSC and Monarch Butterfly certifications, as well as our Green Social program, which establishes a direct link with the community through various social activities


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