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Packaging and design engineering

In this department we focus on supporting our clients through new developments for their corrugated cardboard packaging. Looking for the optimal performance of your corrugated cardboard boxes, both in the design of the corrugated cardboard and in printing and structure.

Our design department is trained to offer its service free of charge in:

  • Advise the client about the best tonality in inks, paper and resistance.
  • Proposals in graphic design and packaging improvements.
  • Making samples.
  • Solutions to your transportation problems.

This in order for our client to have a better idea of ​​their packaging or piece of corrugated cardboard before its manufacture.


Robot table for samples: it is used for an exact review of new packages, as well as if the client requires one or more samples as validation before manufacturing the final package.

Box converting capabilities:

We have the manufacture of die-cut corrugated cardboard boxes, which due to their specific design require a clamping for their manufacture.

  • Printer / Die cutter for boxes, pads, trays, inserts, with printing up to 4 inks.
  • Printer / Die-cutter for regular and die-cut boxes, with printing up to 4 inks.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes are the best packaging for any type of product as it protects the content, provides an ideal medium for advertising printing and is 100% recyclable.

  • Flexo Printer / Gluer for regular and die-cut boxes, with 5-ink printing.
  • Flexo Printer / Gluer for regular boxes with 1-ink printing.


100% inspected to avoid defects such as delamination, blistering and bad cut defects.


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