Our Carrierpro cardboard is a product whose main attribute is its high resistance to humidity and its superior behavior in mechanical resistance, which is why it is widely used for the packaging of refrigerated foods and beverages. It is designed to preserve package integrity in high humidity conditions on production, distribution and use lines.

Main Attributes

  • 100% recycled fiber
  • High Gluing
  • Excellent rigidity
  • Three layers of fiber
  • Two layers of white coating
  • High Müllen, tensile and tear values
  • Brown reverse side with greater cleanliness and natural appearance
  • Very resistant to tears, punctures and crushing on the sides
  • Also available in sheets
  • 100% recyclable material


  • Girdle and basket for refrigerated beverage cans
  • Micro-corrugated box for refrigerated beverage bottles
  • Folding refrigeration food packaging
  • Heavy duty applications

Inspection standards

100% inspected with Cognex computerized defect monitoring system, to avoid defects such as: Scabs, holes, unmarked splices, wrinkles, calender defects, material remains on the coils.
Machine Finish 3: Trim 130 ”